WIP-tastic Monday

It’s grey and cloudy here in the UAE today. Bad news, esp since we are having an outdoor awards dinner on Thursday and if this persists, we will we forced to move to some boring albeit elegant ballroom. Life’s such a drag.

Just kidding. Not about the weather though. I have been praying for it to rain now so that we get it over and done with before Thursday. And guess what, it rained! For a bit, not so much but it’s something.

I took the day off yesterday because Patrick had high fever from the night before. He was on meds and the fever died down but I didn’t want him going back to school just yet in case there’s a relapse. So we spent the day together, him cuddling up in bed and me knitting. Productive day. Both Shur’tugals have heels!

The longer sock is actually done but had no time to take a photo before posting this. The second sock is 2 and a half repeats and a toe decrease away from being done. This will be one of the longest times I have gone without an FO – must rectify that this week.

After this, it’s time to give some TLC to my Dark and Stormy sweater. Befitting the UAE weather, wouldn’t you say?

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