Hello, Weekend!

The (almost) daily blog posts might fool you that I am on this thing all the time. Well, in truth, I am not. No, really I’m not. I just schedule the posts so that there is a fresh one every day. Or at least I try to make it so.

This week had been okay, but it’s been a really long week for me at work and I am just glad that the weekend is here so I can relax at home, perhaps, and spend time with the kids. I’ve never looked forward to a weekend more than now. Especially when this young man needs some TLC from his mother.

He had his second peg tooth pulled out today so he is not his “usual joyful self”. He is in bed, asleep, before midnight on a weekend so he is definitely suffering. Sleep, my baby, sleep.

This young miss, on the other hand, is exhausted beyond words. She does not say so but it shows. last night, when we got home and she had been to volleyball practice (she made team cap’n btw – so proud of her!), she was sleeping. And she was snoring! Love you!

The kids went to the dentist today and we went to have dinner at Carino’s at DFC. Minor fiasco with our Entertainer voucher which was not honoured because we ordered from the wrong items. Der! Joseph could only have cold food so he settled for the chocolate milkshake. No solids yet. Patrick and Bernie had the strawberry iced tea.

I love the decor at Carino’s esp the pottery. This chicken jug is too cute. I wanted to take it home along with the other colourful jugs hanging up on the walls and lining the “patio”. Even the framed re-prints of antique photos were kinda cool.

Patrick being how he is, the servers still gave him the kiddie menu complete with crayons. Little do they know that this 7-year old can wolf down an upsized chicken burger meal with fries if he wanted to!

And where was Patrick? Scoping out the fountains across Carino’s. Okay, so this was post-dinner but he was so intrigued by the multi-tiered fountain and so he went for a closer look. Just don’t blink! You know what happens with the angels when you blink.

Bedtime now. Joseph’s had his pain medication and is resting it off. Eibee is doing some more work on her class project – a mini-movie! Patrick is doing something, probably playing with his Transformer toys, and Bernie is all zonked out in bed. I should be too, so good night all!

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  1. Definitely looks like you and the family needed this downtime. Hope the kids get better soon and congratulations to the team captain, woohoo!


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