Hand-dyeing yarn is not easy. It may look easy but it isn’t. But it’s most definitely a lot fun!

I am not aiming to be a big-time dyer, just having fun playing with colours and watching them take hold on a skein of yarn. See how excited Isabelle is? That’s how I feel when I pull out a skein of yarn from the pan and see the colours that I was hoping to see.

Like these two skeins of 100% Superwash BFL. Hala and I swapped yarns and I think I got the better end of the deal. She gave me two of these undyed skeins in exchange for my Tilli Tomas Beaded Plie. I was dying to dye these but had to wait as my dye supply was running low. It was so worth the wait. I call the warm yellow “Nugget” and the red one is “Cherrylicious”. Sorry, these are mine and will not be making an appearance in the shop at this time.

Watch out for these colours though. I am waiting for some undyed skeins which are on order and some will be dyed in one or two of these colourways. I particularly love the one on the top right. Yum. I wish I had DK or Aran yarn bases but they work just as well on what I have, maybe even the lace. What do you think then?

One thought on “Dyeing

  1. The colors are yummy, I love the yarn on the top right too! What’s it called? Yarn dyeing is on my 2011 list of things I want to do, it looks like so much fun!


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