WIP-tastic Monday

Not much knitting done here. Everything is at their very early stages, I feel like such a slacker, esp when most of my fellow Amiras are showing off some really lovely FOs everywhere. I know it’s not a race to the finish, and believe me I have learned to enjoy the process. Knitting is my drug.

This is not a WIP, but a set of lovely sample yarns from 19projects on Etsy which she sent along with my order. WIPs are under the cut.

The Shur’tugals have, sadly, not grown much from last week. I did cast on the second sock on a separate circular needle and knitting on it to catch up with the 3 repeats already done on Sock #1. I will then work on them at the same time – wish me luck!

I love love LOVE this pattern. I’ve heard other knitters go on and on about how the left twist is bugging them, but the finished sock is gorgeous, there are ways to make the left twist stitch easier for you and, FPS it’s a free pattern so please just stop whining.

The other pair of KAL socks on my needles are no more than a bit of ribbing right now. I did start on one sock and got to about the first five rows before ripping it out completely after deciding that the fabric is too loose. I grabbed two smaller needles, cast on at the same time and now trying to knit in one long circular. I will probably switch to two circulars since I am worried that the stitches will fall off. I love the colour though and wish I could just keep on working in rib! This is Solstice Slip in STR Saffron Jungle.

The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering. Squishy soft and wonderful to work with. These are two sections of Summer Stream Scarf, free on Ravelry, which I am knitting at the same time. What does that say about me, then? Instant grat whore? Well, I didn’t want to run out of yarn so I cast on the second section and when I finished the required pattern repeat, I transferred both sections to one long circular and now knitting them at the same time. If this is a success, I should be able to use up every little inch of this wonderful yarn!

The final WIP is something I am proud of. It’s a KAL I’m doing with the Amiras but it is also  for the Personal Sweater Club for myself and Preeti. This is Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman and I am loving it in the Tosh Vintage. It’s slow-going but I’m getting a hang of the charts now. Just need to devote more time to actually knitting it!

Okay then, folks, hope you liked this. I’m going back to work. Catch ya later!

3 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

    1. Thanks, Kim. It took me a while to get to this stage but it is fun learning new things in knitting.

      How did your first class go?


  1. Everything is looking lovely as ever. I love, love, love the CBG on Vintage. This is going to be one amazing Dark and Stormy.


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