Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011

The first part of my knitting resolution is two-fold: bust the stash, or stashdown as it’s more popularly known, and join the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club. More on Stashdown 2011 later.

The Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011, okay that’s a mouthful so let’s just stick with SSSPSC, is based on the idea of knitting from your existing sock yarn stash. It’s a very relaxed club, no strict rules, no Police. They did have a poll on patterns suggested by members and the top 6 patterns were selected and randomly spread out over the year. You then go through your sock yarn stash, pick out 6 skeins of yarn and bag and tag them, paired up with a specific pattern and hidden away until it’s time to cast on.

After the jump are the skeins I selected in the end. But before you do that, a little eye candy. A slice of the Great Wall chocolate cake from PF Chang’s.

Okay, so here are the yarns I set aside for this club, from top left to bottom right: Yarntini Semi-solid Sock, Sundara Sock, BMFA Socks That Rock, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Miss Babs Yummy and Tosh Sock.  I originally chose The Plucky Knitter MCN Lite but replaced it with Lorna’s Laces because it was a heavier weight yarn.

So the way this club works is we have a two months to complete a pair of socks using the designated pattern for that period. You have already seen the WIP of the first pattern, Shur’tugal which I am knitting out of the Sweet Honeytini colourway. This skein was from the very first Knit, Drink and Be Merry club that I subscribed to. Deadline for this pair is 28 Feb 2011.

For the March/April round, the pattern is Nutkin. Famously knitted out of Wollmeise Spice Market, but since I do not have that skein and didn’t want to break in to my Wollmeise stash, I chose a Sundara red instead. It’s the colourway Blush, which I think is a Ravelry destash. I hope the semi-solid colour would give a better stitch definition.

Another one of my favourite patterns made it to the top 6 – Leyburn Socks by Mintyfresh. This would be the fourth time I am knitting these socks and I cannot wait! Because of the slip-stitch pattern, I decided to choose my favourite sock yarn, Socks That Rock and not just any colour but a Rare Gem from the Madrona festival last year. I cannot wait to see how this multi-colour skein would knit up. This is due at the end of June.

During the hottest months of the year in Dubai, I will be knitting Breaking Hearts Socks, my very first Turtlegirl76 pattern – my wildcard for this club since I did not want to do the chosen pattern. We are allowed a wildcard if one of the patterns didn’t appeal to us and, sadly, Fox Faces Socks just doesn’t do it for me. I chose Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Gold Hill for this pair. I think this it is variegated enough to not crowd the stitch pattern and still come out pretty.

As we move into Sept/Oct, I will be casting on one of the two toe-up patterns in the club. It’s a design by Wendy Johnson, the lady to whom I owe my knowledge of toe-up construction. *all hail Wendy* The very first pair of socks I knitted were her design and I loved loved loved it! This pattern has actually been in my queue forever and now I am finally going to knit me a pair of Nanner socks. Win win.

The last socks for the club is perfect for the Christmas gift season. My husband will be certain to receive at least one pair of knitted socks from me this year. I wanted to use a manly colour and this last mailing from the Loopy Lite Sock Club seemed perfect. Boyfriend Socks and Green with Envy – match made in heaven!

All the skeins and the corresponding patterns are kept in ziplock bags and I will grab them when it’s time to cast on. In the meantime, I will have to knit on the Shurt’tugals to stay on track.

6 thoughts on “Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011

  1. hummm there are actually quite a few patterns in there I want to make but I don’t know that I want to commit myself to socks right now. I can’t think of anything but sweaters!


  2. Love the patterns and yarns you’ve chosen. I’ve done a similar Small items from stash personal “yarn club” thing twice as well, and it’s so much fun!


  3. This is going to be so great for you….but like all of us know….you’re going to knit waaaaay more than 6 pairs of socks this year! I really like this idea though, I remember the Yarn Harlot did something similar to this last year.


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