WIP-tastic Monday

First edition, 2011.

Wow. I have 52 weeks of a new year to come up with more WIPs. Hopefully I will finish everything I show you this year. Last year was a bit of fail but not so much since I still managed to complete quite a few large projects.

The first WIP of 2011 is a part of one of my two main clubs this year, the SSSPC. I cast on the first Shur’tugal sock on New Year’s day, a little after midnight and when the fireworks died down. I am using Yarntini Semi-solid in Sweet Honeytini. It’s grown into this:

With any luck, the next time you see these will be one complete sock with it’s pair on the needles. And then I will be on my merry way to my 2011 knitting goal!

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