Eye-candy Friday

All of my subscriptions this year are finally coming to a close. The last one being the Magnolia Society Yarn Club which has one more shipment due in January. That will be the only “yardage in” for my planned Stashdown in 2011. More on that later.

The latest shipment from Texas includes 3 skeins of Tosh Merino DK in the colourway Thoreau. Apologies for the lack of spoiler warning in case you are in this club and not received your shipment yet. but I do love this colourway. And look, it comes with Amy’s exclusive “I Knit You” pencil!

The colourway is green/brown, kinda similar to the last club’s TML shipment in Northumbria. but I’m not complaining. They’re cousins, so it’s alright.

I’m not sure what to do with 3 skeins of this yarn. A wrap maybe? Or something felted? This yarn looks too luxurious to felt, but if it comes to that I can make a felted messenger bag I think. We’ll see.

Next up, Knitting 2010 in review plus a look ahead. All this after a word from our sponsors. šŸ™‚

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