A day at Dreamland

In December, temperatures in the UAE dips down to as low as 16C with highs of 24C. That’s fairly cold in these parts. So anyone who goes down to any body of water, man-made or natural has got to be out of their mind!

Well, not if you are holding very valid Entertainer vouchers than mean you pay for 2 instead of 5 to get to a water theme park, right? Ri-ight. That’s what we did the other day. We were supposed to go camping for the night but it was too darned expensive so we opted for the day pass instead. We had water (21C!), crows who take trips to the pool side to drink, some fun with a macro lens that I hardly ever use and, of course, the knitting. Always with the knitting.

The children’s area in the park had this big bucket that gets filled with water and then splashes down. My husband and two older kids decided to wait for the next water splash and I was safe within the outskirts of the pool to capture the moment. I am still not sure how Eibee managed to get to where she was after the splashdown. The water was not that strong.

Despite the occasional wind and the rather chilly water in some of the pools, it was great. The park was almost empty as it was a weekday and we managed to enjoy it to our heart’s content! Except the lazy river was freezing cold, the Dead Sea pool was closed and the Wave Pool was a bit too much. Yes, that’s Eibee posing with my half-done Honey Cowl.

Joseph had a great time, I think. He was freezing his butt off after we had our snack but still managed to get back to the water for a bit. Even though the sun was shining, it was just for aesthetic purposes, no real warmth came forth.

This little man, however, had the most fun out of all of us! If we let him, he probably would have stayed in the water all night! He did not feel cold, not one bit and was splashing around happily in the kiddie pool the entire time. We took him to the family ride and the high twists in the slide nearly caused him to have a heart attack – he was seriously scared. Who wouldn’t be with Eibee screaming like a banshee next to you?

The park closes early during winter and by 5.30pm they announced that the water park was closed. We were nearly ready to go when I saw the clouds change colours. I had just enough time to take the photo before we were off to the car, where it was warm and not cold at all. We all vowed to go back in the summer to enjoy every park ride available without our toes and fingers turning blue.

5 thoughts on “A day at Dreamland

  1. A wonderful set of pics J! Look at how Patrick’s grown! I remember when we use to chat in Yahoo and he would sit on your lap and bash away at the keyboard. Enjoy the cool weather!
    PS- We’re lucky if we get sea temperatures as high as 21C here on our beaches. ;-P


    1. Frankly we didn’t expect it to be THAT cold. It was alright in some parts but the main swimming pools were ice cold so we avoided those.


  2. I remember that bucket of water that tips over and throws down icy cold water, brrr! Any water related activites over here will end up in frostbite for sure, so I’ll stick to being a wimp and sitting by the fire.


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