WIP-tastic Monday

It’s hard to believe that this is my last WIP-tastic Monday post of 2010.

I think if I tracked my WIPs from the start of the year, I would need more than 52 posts. Can you blame me? There are so many patterns out there than any knitter have time to knit so cast-o-nitis is a very real malady. It’s not just an insane excuse to wind up yarn or buy new yarn, you know.

For this last one of 2010, I bring you the latest victim of this malady. I used these skeins to cast on, from Madelinetosh, it’s Smokey Orchid in 80/10/10 MCN Sport.

Three skeins should give me a fairly cushy Honey Cowl. I cast on two days before Christmas, on the first day that I was off work and my hands were itching to do something. Seeing all these beautiful Honey Cowls on Ravelry and in real life makes me want to get started on something for me.

Day 3 had more progress actually and I managed to knit while the kids were at the arcade. I brought it along to dinner and knitted as well in between courses. I finished up the first skein yesterday and joined the second. As of writing, I have a good 4.5inches of width already so I think I will end up with a really nice size scarf. Is it a scarf? It’s a loop so I’m calling it a shawl actually.

Whatever it is, I love it. It’s pretty mindless enough to let me watch TV while knitting and it goes quick, esp as I knit continental style so purling is not a big issue for me. It’s just that my knit tension is a lot tighter than my purl, and I need to fix that.

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