From our family to yours

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you spent it with your near and dear ones and had an insane amount of fun, laughter, food and presents.

The kids would also like to wish you happy holidays. They were all excited but you could hardly notice it. Some are already grown up to still believe in Santa Claus and some still wonders how Santa can come to our house when we do not have a fireplace and chimney. Yes, Patrick, I’m looking at you!

We were celebrating not just Christmas but also my nephew’s 10th birthday, at exactly 10 minutes past midnight. Ronan Immanuel was born in 2000 while we were at home celebrating. We got the news just after everyone started dinner and it was one of the best news we’ve had in all of our Christmasses.

And of course we had ourselves our very own little princess! She insisted on wearing the plastic tiara the entire time. We bought Eibee her beanbag so it served as a throne for Her Royal Majesty. No sceptre though.

During the course of the evening, we had a visitor from the North Pole, erm, I mean the first floor: Li’l Santa Steeven! Here with his pretty Mom Janette who brought sweets for the kids. Thanks, Steeven!

These boys had fun, so much I think they didn’t really want to be separated that evening. It’s the one time that they almost got along so well. I think Christmas does that to everyone.

And yes, thank you, Jamie Oliver for your beautiful roast chicken recipe. Mine turned out really crisp, brown and tasting gorgeous with the lemon and garlic and herbs. It wasn’t so much the roasting but the cooking of the lemon and garlic cloves prior to stuffing it in the chicken that did it.

Before dinner though, there were games for the kids. Here is Tita Cathy starting off the charades. It was fun even though the kids sometimes had trouble trying to figure out what the clue was. Each round had a winner so no one ended up with an empty pocket.

Yes, we gave them cash for prizes. The next game was a bit loud but truly enjoyable. Two teams were separated by a barrier, in this case a blanket, and each team had to pick one member who will stand up when the blanket is lowered and then say the name of the member from the other team who stood up at the same time as them. Whoever says the correct name first wins. I guess you had to be there but it was fun.

No photos of dinner since we were all too busy eating plus a bit tired from all the cooking and everything else. After dinner, we started off our Secret Santa exchange. Isabelle, being the youngest started it and it went around. My brother picked my son, who was all too bashful and pleased with his present.

Some of us thought it would be quite unique to use non-Christmas wrapping paper. It certainly made the gift stand out! My husband’s name was picked by his brother and here is proof that they are indeed brothers. The goof balls!

Some of us were too curious and tried to figure out what was in the bag. Is it ticking, Joseph?

And then some had to fight for their gifts! Joseph picked his uncle Obet and refused to let go of the gift box without a fight.

And this being our family, there were some outtakes from the family photoshoot. This is probably the most decent wacky shot that I am allowed to post so here it is.

The kids were not to be outdone with the outtakes so here they are laughing about someone’s butt showing!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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  1. Your Christmas was definitely merry! And your words describe Christmas with family perfectly – insane amount of fun, laughter, food and presents!


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