Eye-candy Friday

I am glad to have been a part of the worldwide Notorious Sock Knitters group for the past two years running. Although I have not knitted all of the kits that arrived, I appreciate the wide group of men and women across the globe who are united in keeping feet warm and pretty.

The Rockin’ Sock Club includes 6 exclusive colourways of Socks That Rock mailed every two months which include a pattern (or two in the case of the 2010 RSC), a little something extra and an emergency skein of that mailing’s colourway. Oh and an all-important one-time only discount coupon which is valid for most of the year and can be used any time.  Last year’s emergency skeins came in a metal ring, here they are decorating my pattern binder.  From left to right: Garden Daze, Pepe Le Pume, My Blue Heaven, Gertrude Skein, River Rocked and Blackbird.

This year however, in order to cut down on cost I suppose, the metal rings were ditched. The colours are still very rich and saturated, but to be honest I was not impressed so much. There are 3 very similar-looking colours and frankly, I am a bit disappointed. I do love STR and it’s the best sock yarn I have ever used but I don’t think I will sign up for next year’s club. It goes well with my full yarn diet plan of 2011. More on that later. From left to right: Happy Go Lucky, My Wild Irishgirlie, Firecracker, Sweet Pea, Pining 4 Ewe (sic!) and The Skein with No Name. The latter being the final shipment this year and which I present to you below.

It is orange-based, not my go-to colour but it works. It is rich and warm. I doubt that I will make socks with this, but who knows. I was thinking about Irishgirliknits’ Dotty Socks for this skein.

It has a darker shade on one end, which is almost brown in my eyes….

….and a lighter, more fiery orange on another side. I love this skein more and more every time I look at it. But, sadly, not enough to make me sign up for another round of the Rockin’ Sock Club.

2 thoughts on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. That is a very unique skein of yarn, it will look gorgeous knitted up. Those emergency mini skeins are adorable! Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Hey! Found you!
    Do you know my mom is into knitting socks now? I got two pairs for Christmas and I love ’em!! Just have to wait for things to cool down here before I can wear them…(like, another four bloody months!!!)..I should take some cool sock wearing pics. Think I should try and get her into this Notorious Sock Knitters thingy?

    Merry Christmas!!


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