Out-of-office lunch

Last office lunch for 2010, and we did it in style. Can you guess where we went?

Here is a photo Juvy took when I didn’t have my camera glued to my face. Pretty neat, huh? And see that bird flying low over there? Cool, and yes the sky really was as blue as this.  Anyone who knows me and my opinion towards post-processing will know  that I never ever tweak photos while some do so to such an extent that it does not look real anymore.  And why yes, I hate so-called photographers who over-saturate, over-tweak and over-touch up their photographs.  I say, drop the camera and just use Photoshop because what you’re doing falls under graphic designing/artistry.  It’s no longer photography.  Okay, that’s more than 2 cents I think but you get the drift.

Before we left, we as in myself, Juvy, Jezzel and Sam, I took a photo of them with the lovely Rob. Hi Rob! His beautiful mum is spending the holidays in Dubai but I don’t think we’ll get to see her like last year since we do not have any company gigs now until after everyone gets back from their travels. Weather permitting, of course!

Yes, we went to Madinat Jumeirah. The Noodle House was packed and had a 30 minute wait so I steered my companions toward one of my other favourite, The Meat Company. But first, a stopover by the Burj to take photos.

Sam was kind enough to take this great photo of me and the girls. I had the 50mm with me because I wanted sharp photos but of course it’s not good for tighter spaces. Sam did well in this I think.

The Dubai International Film Festival just concluded (with an ungranted request from me to someone to pinch a certain Mr Farrell’s bum on my behalf, bummer) but I think a couple of the celebrities stayed on. Oh no, wait, it’s just Juvy and Jezzel. Silly me. 🙂

Sam was trying to get a hang for the DSLR since he has his eye on a Canon currently on sale at Jumbo. He’s getting good at it I think.  My hair needs to go to the salon…PDQ!

Candid shots are the best! I kept telling these girls not to pose but just act normal. It helped that Sam was taking the photos so they were talking to me instead.

It’s so much more relaxed, you can see just how much more natural this photo looks. Jezzel almost always poses when you whip a camera in front of her, but this is something new which I would encourage her to try from now on.

The Meat Company does some really delicious meals. One of my favourites is this skewered chunks of tender meat. I recommended it to Sam and I think he enjoyed it.

Juvy, on the other hand, ordered ribs and had no idea it was this huge chunk of what I called dragon’s ribs! They were massive. And Juvy, tiny as she is, ate them all. Peri peri sauce and all. It was a great lunch, nice to be out in the fresh air with a bit of sunlight to warm us up. Cheers, guys!

Later that night, we had an almost-full moon over Dubai. Too bad the eclipse was not visible here, but have you seen the time-lapse videos on YouTube? Amazing!

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  1. Yummmm-ay! That sky is an amazing blue, soooo different from our cloudy, cold skies….oh wait, it’s almost Christmas so I say, bring it!

    Love the candid posing, I agree, they make the best people shots!


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