Crooked Forest

This pattern has been doing the rounds in my usual groups in Ravelry but it wasn’t until fellow Amira and recent MadTosh convert Lindsay knitted it in gorgeous Tosh Vintage that I took notice.

It’s designed by Melissa LaBarre who did Tea Leaves and Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan, both of which I knitted this year so I knew it was going to be easy and enjoyable. I even contacted Melissa to confirm my calculations about resizing for another project and she said it was as easy as dropping a pattern repeat! Sweet.

This is my first Crooked Paths hat and I loved every minute of the 6 hours it took to knit this! It also helped that the yarn I chose is just amazing to work with. This is a gift to a friend, but my daughter is modelling it here for me.

I didn’t swatch for this. Just grabbed the needles and yarn and pattern and just cast on, on our way to the mall too. I posted the beginnings of the ribbing on Facebook and actually stopped it there since I could not knit on it around the mall. The pattern is dead easy once you start – I love it! It’s very simple and easy to remember and before you know it, you’re done! I met with Divine today and gave her the hat, and it fits!

I love this project. The finished hat seemed small when done but as soon as I soaked it in wool wash and took it out of the towel, it relaxed into its proper size. I didn’t stretch it out too much, just let it take the shape of the pot cover I used. It’s my first Crooked Paths but definitely not the only one. The second one is actually done and blocking right now! FO post on that one to follow later.

Project: Crooked Forest (Raveled!)
Pattern: Crooked Paths by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino, colourway Pine Forest – used about 113.8 yards
Cast on: 17 Dec 2010
Cast off: 18 Dec 2010
Needle: 3.5mm for the ribbing, 5mm for the main body
Notes: Knitted as written. Did I tell you how much I love this project?  This hat is going to be a gift to a friend.

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