Out to dinner

At the end of the week, it’s always easier to just go out for dinner than spend another hour or so cooking. Much as I’d like to give my family home-cooked meals all the time, I sometimes have no energy left after a long week at work. So that’s what we did last Thursday.

We didn’t want to go far, and it was a unanimous decision anyway, so we went to Chow King in Qassimia. Of course, the knitting goes where I go. It was nearly done in this photo but I had to put it away once the food arrived.

Pardon the cropped views; I only had the Nifty Fifty with me. I always take the 50mm lens for speed and sharpness esp at night. Patrick and Bernie ready for some chow!

I had Patrick try the hat on for size and he was so hungry he wanted to eat the working end of the yarn! His plate of Chinese food arrived shortly thereafter so I’m happy to report that no hat, yarn or needles were hurt during this photoshoot.  Collage template courtesy of The Album Cafe.

Sorry no photos of the food this time. We were too busy eating to take photos. After dinner, we walked down the road to a shop where I picked up a couple of Christmas presents, then Bernie stopped by a shop to pick up batteries for Patrick’s new toy. I had time to play with mine! Teeth, OMG, lots of them! 🙂

His hair is getting messy again and, no doubt, due to the holidays, he will only get a trim the day before classes begin again. And no, i have not bought him a hairbrush yet.

My baby, and his big tummy full of food! He received a remote controlled toy car fro their school Secret Santa but it didn’t come with batteries. He was so chuffed to see that the battery his father picked up was a rectangular one. It’s cool he says. I love my baby.

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  1. I love the almost done Koolhaas and your family outings are the best! Cutie Patootie Patrick, I can’t believe he looks so grown up from previous pictures of him on your blog…they grow up too quick!!


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