Eye-candy Friday

Remember this skein of Tosh Sport in Mansfrield Garden Party which belonged to fellow Amira, Stephanie? Beautiful, yeah?

Well, yours truly managed to snag two skeins of this colourway, or a slightly diluted version of the originally rich one, from Amy’s Etsy shop. And it’s in the 80/10/10 MCN worsted base too! Woot!

This skein, or this colourway to be more precise, has a serious identity crisis. I do mean that in a nice way. It has a dark side, although I read online that it used to be a much darker side, well as evidenced by the first photo of Stephanie’s skein from an older dye lot. I still like the dark shades of the skein though.

Then you turn the skein just a bit to the left and you get this really bright, cheerful pink. not my kind of pink but there’s not a lot of it in the skein so it’s alright.

A bit further down the skein you get this mustardy browny yellowish shade. See even that shade is having an identity crisis of its own!

Ah, this part of the skein is my favourite, blues. It’s rich enough not to overpower the lighter shades but it contrasts well against them.

This skein has all colours of the rainbow, well apart from red and black I think. It’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, I love it!

I am not sure what to do with it yet, not enough yardage to do a Honey Cowl I think, but I can try a skinny version maybe. Whatever the project is, it has to have interesting stitch patterns for the colours not to pool or flash. I might end up borrowing Stephanie’s scarf pattern if I can’t find a pattern on my own .

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