Isabelle’s birthday dinner

Another long overdue post! Ten days old to be precise.

Ten days ago, we celebrated a special little girl’s birthday. My one and only (so far!) niece, Roslin Isabelle. She’s five and all grown up. Excuse the bright light, my camera caught the flash off my brother-in-law’s camera but I figured this photo is a keeper.

This is more like it! I hardly work with flash because I like ambient light and there was plenty at the restaurant that evening. Not dissing those who use the pop-up or external flash though, just not relying on it at all times.

Each family had a photo with Bellybutton, this is my brother-in-law Larry and his family. Our photo will be added later, it’s posted in Facebook and I don’t have access to it here.

ETA: Here is our family’s photo now.

Man, I never thought choosing food off a great menu could be so hard! See here my sister-in-law, Linell, looking all lost. It was that difficult.

Some knew what they wanted though and spent no time poring over the menu. Of course it’s usually the same thing when we come here! Blackened chicken alfredo pasta. Right, Eibee?

The birthday girl had something simple: mac and cheese. Nothing fancy for her, just good, creamy mac and cheese.

The boys didn’t fuss much either. Patrick had his usual chicken crispers and iced tea. It’s a big portion as well so he had enough to fill his tummy.

I went for the rib-eye with all the sides! Yes, diet be damned! Besides I wasn’t paying for dinner so I didn’t worry about the price tag, much.

Ronan has grown big enough to order off the regular menu and not the kiddie one. He is a marvel! He can finish off a big plate of grilled chicken without any help from anyone! And it shows too, he is a healthy young man. By healthy, I mean chubby of course, and I mean that in a nice way, nephew!

After most everyone had finished their dinner, the staff at Chilis came out with a heart-shaped Disney Princesses cake and serenaded the birthday girl.

She loved it! She was feeling really shy about it but overcame it very quickly. We had at least 3 cameras that evening and I usually do not mind if my subject is not looking straight at me. I’d rather have the more candid shot, thankyouverymuch.

Yes, more cake photos because I can’t get enough of it. Bellybutton was gracious enough to keep posing for us.

And then it was time to cut the cake. See how gamely she puts a smile on? She even cut the cake right down the middle so we ended up with two halves of a heart.

This was just for the camera, her dad already gave her a mouthful of cake. And she was okay posing like this for 3 cameras.

Present time! She unwrapped this one first, apparently a present from her big brother. She loves anything to do with the Disney princesses so this is a big hit.

Bubbles! My brother and his wife gave her this. I’m sure she already had fun with the bubbles.

A nice purple shirt with matching pants. Not sure who this is from but it’s cute.

Apparently Belly needs new sandals so that’s what I got her. However I didn’t have her feet handy so I ended up picking the largest size available at the shop! I did keep the receipt so she can get it exchanged for the right size. Sparkly!

In 9 days’ time, we are celebrating Ronan’s 10th birthday. Expect more photos then, and hopefully I won’t be 10 days late with it!

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