Walking the Walk

Would you believe it? I’m still trying to catch up with posts and photos from two weeks ago! First off, I give you this photograph of sunset over The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence as a consolation for the double post today. Taken at around 5.30pm I think on National Day (2nd Dec) while we were waiting for dinner time.

Rewind to about an hour and a half before the sunset photo was taken, and we were at a Starbucks where Patrick enjoyed a frappuccino and a slice of this chewy, rich, dark chocolate cake. I took a couple of small bites and he glared at me!

Bernie, on the other hand, is a cheesecake man. He kept this all for himself, not sure if it’s really good but he polished it off the plate so must be alright.

After that snack at Starbucks, we walked down the length of The Walk, just enjoying the sights until we caught up with my sister. In the meantime, there were plenty of photo opportunities including this funny one of father and son.

And this one. I saw the opportunity and got the other kids to help position Patrick just right. Should have done it again though as Patrick is blurred in this shot. He loved posing for this even though it was right there on the street and people were watching.

And of course, Joseph had other ideas! I’m sure passersby had no idea what was going on but if they did, maybe some would laugh and some would be offended. I think it’s funny, but I’m maternally biased.

And then we caught up with my sister at the small flea market at the end of The Walk. It was tempting but some of the stuff were grossly overpriced. I bought two items for the office Secret Santa but that was it. Eibee, my brother-in-law and my sister in a rare photo together.

Eibee was only glad to pose for me while I catch the last few minutes of the sunset before it disappeared completely. It was cool that evening and she didn’t bring a jacket with her!

My nephew and godson, Ronan Immanuel. He will be 10 years old on Christmas Day. Not sure what we’re doing for his birthday yet but I have at least two presents ready for him.

As usual, I brought the wrong lens for this so the distant Palm Atlantis is but a blur of coloured lights. It was decked out in style for the UAE National Day celebration and all I could get was this bokeh.

The kids shown relaxing, or playing up for the camera more like, outside Haru, the Japanese place where we had our dinner.

Even though Eibee didn’t have a jacket on, she decided that her Sockhead Hat and One-row Scarf are enough to keep her warm.

Me and my baby at Haru’s aka heaven because of the awesome Japanese food! We might go back for the brunch actually but maybe at the Green Community outlet.

Starters were this yummy tuna salad and kimchi. Bernie ended up eating the kimchi, it was too hot for me.

Crab salad with lots mango strips and “Nemos”! This was my sister’s plate and I wish I ordered the same. It looks yummy and crunchy and creamy.

Yep, it’s official. Isabelle goes on auto pilot when you whip out the camera. No matter what she’s doing, when she sees the camera pointed at her, she will strike a pose.

One thing she still doesn’t do is smile for the camera. We asked her to do just that and this is what happened. Not quite a smile, is it?

I would like to go back to The Walk, maybe even walk along the beach next time and watch the sunset. Maybe not exactly like this one but something similar.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Walk

  1. hehheh the fountain pics are great, I love that he’s nonchalantly holding a water bottle in the other hand, makes it look even more authentic!


  2. Those fountain pics crack me up! Haru wasn’t on The Walk when we “walked” there last, I wish it was because all we managed to get was snacks at Starbucks like you did, every restaurant at that place was crazy crowded Speaking of food I cooked the wings recipe last night – the one you blogged about and I have to say, those were some rocking’ wings! Yum-O


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