WIP-tastic Monday

I have more WIPs than shown here (after the jump) but these are the ones I mostly work on these days so these are what you will see. But before that, let’s look at a non-WIP related photo. These are 3 skeins of my Arabesque yarn, dyed a nice pale green with hints of blue so I call this Peppermint Patty.

These are not going into the shop because (a) Jackie already bought one and (b) I am making something with the other 2 skeins, possibly a Summer Flies shawl.

My third Koolhaas, alas! is not for me. It’s too small for my head so it will be a present to my nephew/godson Ronan. It’s got 3 repeats so far, two more two go then decreases. Should be finished, blocked and dried in time for his birthday, which is on Christmas Day in case you missed that episode.

My Ishbel is trudging along. Got two more repeats on the body before I start the lace section. I want to use up all the yarn so might do more than the ABABACDE repeat. Not sure how yet so I guess I will be reading up Ishbel project notes next.

Lindsay’s Beaumont Tam inspired me to try and tackle colourwork. And as soon as I dyed the last two skeins of naked Bugga! I knew I had to use those two colours together. This is what I have so far, a 10-row ribbed brim in the pumpkin yellow and two rows of the main colour (brown). Then I start the colourwork….yikes!

I have an FO to show you later. Something that I am rather proud of getting off the needles.

5 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. Don’t be afraid of the colorwork! I love the colors – that yellow is sooo yummie, and it’s great with the grey. If you want to give up on the project you can always send it to me, and I’ll finish it ;o)


    1. Does it really look grey in your monitor? It’s more brown in real life. Oooh, I like the idea of finishing other’s projects, but gauge is a big thing to consider. Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep in mind for scarier colourwork in the future! 😛


  2. oooh can’t wait to see this done! I love those colors together. it’s going to be gorgeous. and don’t worry color work looks harder than it is.


    1. I’m putting this away for a while, until I finish the Koolhaas and the Ishbel. But my fingers would no doubt start itching to do the colourwork before too long!


  3. Playing catch up again! I love the blue/green Arabesque and your other WIPs are so pretty too. The Koolhaas is in Tosh DK right? I wonder why it turned out too small. I’m having gauge issues with the current Tosh DK vs the stuff she sold earlier in the year.


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