Yeah, we had a Thai evening last week. Sort of.

Did I mention we are trying to use up our Entertainer vouchers before the end of the year? This is the first of many evenings out this month. I see this view, minus the gorgeous sunset, every day on the drive to work. Except when I’m taking a nap in the car. My husband drives btw.

My sister and her family, my brother and his wife and my family plus our cousin Jade decided to try out the seafood buffet at The Californian at the Dusit Thani. When we got there the kids had a fun photoshoot in front of the water fountains.

My hand knits were all around! Shown here are my Tea Leaves Cardigan and Isabelle’s Tiny Tea Leaves. My sister wore her fresh-off-the-needles cardigan and my daughter had on her Oxblood cardi.

She is such a poser! Every time I whip out the camera now, she would strike a pose. One of these days I will do a proper photoshoot with her with multiple outfit changes and proper studio lights.

So, seafood buffet right? It was not a very big spread but it was loaded! The Thai coconut milk curry seafood soup was to die for! I had two helpings but my husband had to remind me about the coconut milk content so I had to move on.

The kids had their fill too. I was worried that they would not like what was on offer but they dug into the buffet without a fight.

Our cousin Jade with her second helping of salads. Gotcha! Have I ever told you that her middle name is my first name? Her mom, my aunt and godmother, must love me so much!

My brother and sister-in-law Cathy had just come from a holiday in Bangkok so they had one up on us having enjoyed authentic Thai cuisine right from the heart of the source. They didn’t like the spiced sweetened tamarind they brought back though. They made it up by having daily massages at the hotel.

There was a section with platters of fresh fillets of fish (hammour, tuna, salmon), calamari and prawns which you can select and then send up to the kitchen to be grilled. There were at least six choices of sauce; I had the lemon butter sauce. Yum.

Of course there was dessert! I had a bit of everything, I think. The little piece cheesecake was awesome. The creme brulee, not so much. I was so full that I didn’t even manage to get a cup of coffee!

This was a good evening. Food was amazing, the chatter around the table was great; I think we made plans to draw names for our family’s annual Secret Santa as well as what to do for Christmas, which is also Ronan’s birthday of course.

More family-food-dining-out photos to follow.

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