Eye-candy Friday

A week or so ago I gave you a peek into this little brown treasure bag …

Now, here’s a closer look at what’s inside.

These skeins were grabbed for me by Dieuwke since I could never get online when the Wollmeise shop goes live. She grabbed the skeins and I received the confirmation from WM with the colourway names but I was too lazy to check them online so I had no idea what colours they were. I am no in the least bit disappointed as these are beautiful colours! Thanks, Dieuwke!

She go me two of these gorgeous teal/blue skeins called Neptune. I could definitely see Hala falling in love with these. Lots of possibilities with two perfectly matched skeins so I must think really hard for the best project for these.

Still in the same side of the spectrum, here is a rich blue skein called Kornblume. It’s a more solid version of Rittersporn, which has a richer, darker blue – almost purple really. I can’t really bear to think about knitting socks with these. The yarn is just too precioussss for feet and smelly shoes.

Claudia’s red colourways are also very vibrant and rich and Bussi is no exception. Amazing deep red which I am tempted to experiment to try and replicate, but will probably fail big time. This will definitely become a shawl or scarf.

This skein’s name matches the colour perfectly. I’d like to take this out for another model shoot and place some fresh pistachios next to it. The nuts might start shaking and call this skein “Momma”! Gorgeous gorgeous green!

And that brings us to the end of this weeks yarn p0rn. Thank you for staying with me through the end and I hope you’re still capable of making coherent thoughts despite all that beauty. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. GORGEOUS!!!! All of the WM colorways are to die for! I’m interested to see what you’re going to turn these skeins into. Stashdown2011 is almost here!!!


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