WIP-tastic Monday (late edition)

There seems to be a worm, the virtual and techie kind, winding its way in our home PC so I have not been on it for the past couple of days. Hence, the tardiness of this post.

Any online activity you have seen from me is all thanks to my super duper new iPhone 4. The jury is still out though on whether I love it or I hate it. The battery life and the very sensitive touch pad leans toward the hate side of the scale but the fact that I can access Ravelry despite the web filter at work leans heavily on the love side of the scale. We’ll see.

Anyway, enough of the tech talk, here’s a peace offering for the late post. New colours, mostly on laceweight, all posted up on the shop. In fact, a skein of one of the new colours (Norwegian Salmon) have been snagged by the lovely Tracy from Qatar. Thanks!

But this is my WIP post so let me show you it. This is my second Koolhaas Hat, this time in buttery Malabrigo Worsted. This skein is a hand-dyed present from my very first ever international Ravelry swap. So it counts as one of my oldest stash.

I love love love working with this pattern. Second time around is such a breeze. Would have finished sooner as well had there been less going on in my life at work and at home. Still, a pleasure to work with Malabrigo again. I’d forgotten how good this yarn feels, I needed to be reminded of that.

I think the cooler weather and the lack of intense humidity helps. Otherwise this thing would have felted right before my eyes as soon as I cast on!

The hat is almost finished so there will be an FO post soon. My sister’s cardigan is also done; I sewed the button son last night but need to re-do them in daylight as the gap between the bottom two seem to be closer than the rest. Damn the beautiful dark green yarn! 🙂

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