Eye-candy Friday

This week’s eye-candy is an alpaca-silk blend of worsted weight goodness from Kollage Yarns. Thank you so much for sending this through by the way, story on that after the jump.

I had a choice of colours on this and was tempted with the reds but decided on something neutral. So I chose Shadow. Kollage sent me beautiful 4 skeins.

I’m not born to be a test knitter, but the times that I have done test knitting have been enjoyable. Especially if they are test knits for everyone’s favourite Irishgirlie! So far I have test-knitted two pairs of socks for Carrie, one of them using another gorgeous Kollage yarn, Sockalicious. And this is what this eye-candy is for; a test knit of Carrie’s latest pattern, Pont Neuf.

I will be knitting the infinity scarf version, already started on it actually and it’s going well. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of alpaca. When I knit with alpaca, like when I did the Scroll Lace Scarf in Old Aunt Maiden alpaca silk, I start feeling like the hairs have travelled up my nose and I could feel a scratch coming on. But it is so lovely to work with, soft, shiny and warm.

I wound the skeins as soon as I got a chance, which was quick since there were only 91 yards per skein, then prepared the cable and needle tips and got working. This will be my next WIP post, unless I finish it before Monday!

I love this shade of grey, dark enough to wear with almost anything and dark enough to add contrast to any wardrobe. I will try and use up every last inch of the yarn and hopefully end up with a nice length infinity scarf. Oh and the best thing about this test knit? I get to keep the finished product!

Thanks again to Kollage Yarns and to Carrie.

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