Still my birthday?

Feels like it’s still my birthday, with friends still sending messages over on Facebook. Thank you all so much, I feel well and truly loved. However it’s someone else very special who is celebrating a birthday toady – my grandfather, Moises Pallarca. He is a staggering 93 years old today. how about that? And despite suffering a couple of mild strokes recently, he is strong and fairly healthy. Happy birthday, Lolo!

But yes, it still feels like my birthday. Especially after Bernie and I managed to snag one of these shiny things:

Yes. Yes! YES! I have now moved forward and jumped into the iPhone4 bandwagon. It was a close call since you never know at Etisalat if they actually have the phone in stock or not. It was worth waiting for over an hour to get the phone, disconnect my Blackberry service and activate a micro SIM. Of course, the rest of the evening at home was spent poring over instructions, getting the settings right, syncing the phone with iTunes and downloading free apps. I’m not even halfway there yet.

Another late birthday treat was this set of roses clay buttons from Rain. Her shop is closed at the moment but I’m sure she will be back in business soon. I need to knit another felted bag so that I can use these lovelies.

Here’s a peek into something extra special which Rain made for me. I won’t tell you anything more for now, but those who are in the know would know what this is about.

And, finally, I could not have asked for a better yarn-related birthday present than this neat little package which arrived in the office yesterday. RAWR! It took all I had to resist breaking open the seal and peeking in. I saved it for when I got home and near my camera. I wanted to take proper photos.

Yes, 5 glorious skeins of Wollmeise Twin 80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon yarn! The purchase would not have been possible without some tagteam action from Dieuwke. Thank you, sweetness. I’m sure this is not the last time I would seek your help in beating the rush and grabbing some WM for me. *mwah*

No doubt, each of these skeins will be featured in an upcoming edition of eye-candy Friday. keep your eyes peeled.

3 thoughts on “Still my birthday?

  1. Oooooh myyyy!
    First of all, I LOVE those buttons from Rain! Nudge her a bit to re-open that shop of hers, will you?

    Second, those Wollmeise skeins look so yummie! I totally feel like ordering again tomorrow, but I know I shouldn’t..


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