Winter colours

Laceweight yarn does not get enough love, I think. I am certainly guilty of this since I have not knitted with laceweight much, if at all. I do have a few projects lined up in 2011 for a serious stashdown on my laceweight yarns.

I have been having fun dyeing laceweight recently. The think with lace, and this is just my opinion, is that it is better using solids or semi-solids. Gradient or multi-colour laceweight yarn has its place but I am not personally in favour of those. So my dyeing tends to be semi-solid only. These are the shades I came up with recently. All these colours are on my Pure of Heart base, 50% silk/50%merino, about 765 yards.

A couple of notes before we look at the yarn. As always, I try to capture the exact colour on camera without having to tweak so much on Lightroom but monitor settings differ so the actual colours might look slightly different from what you see here. Okey dokey?

I have two skeins of this deep, gorgeous brown I like to call Bronzed Berries. This is one of those happy mistakes where I mixed the dyes hoping for something specific and then end up with something else entirely which I love anyway. This is one of them.

This has to be my favourite of the batch. A rich reddish orange peach colour which I decided to call Winter Berries. I can see a shawl in its future, or even a light cardigan which should be enough with the 3 skeins available. If I could carry this colour I would snatch these up for myself.

Ever had those pink pomelos from Thailand? Or maybe a pale kind of grapefruit? It’s exactly what this colourway reminds me of, so I christened these skeins Pink Pomelo. Clever, huh? Not! I do love the shade of this colour. Just enough tint but not too much.

The whole point of this recent dyeing exercise is to fill a custom order from one of the Amiras. She wanted the Salmon Teriyaki colourway but I only had one skein left. I took notes of that dye mixture so was fairly confident that I could recreate it. Alas, the dye was a bit too rich so instead of an antique peach (which is what she was hoping for), I got this fresh salmon colour, henceforth called Norwegian Salmon.

I will be breaking out the dye pots again tonight to get the antique peach shade and hopefully have 3 skeins ready by Friday. For now I leave you with one final look at the new colours I have. These are not in the shop yet but will be shortly. Thanks for visiting!

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