Jana Alexis

Last Thursday, we were invited to celebrate the christening of Jana Alexis; my husband’s cousin’s baby daughter. Jana is four months old and was baptised at St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. The reception followed at Four Seasons Restaurant at Rydge’s Plaza in Dubai.

I have not met the family before, I think I was at a knitting meet-up when the family visited them. This is the first and only decent portrait of the family I was able to get that evening. They were busy mingling and baby Jana was asleep most of the time.

I told you. She must have been exhausted from all the fuss at the actual christening and after. The poor baby was zonked out from the time we got to the restaurant until just after dinner started.

It was a nice simple affair. Family and friends were present. The food was excellent and there was a videoke playing the entire time and guests could put in requests and sing while others watched and had their meal. Eibee wanted to sing but it was quite busy so her song request didn’t come up until we were leaving.

There was not a lot of stuff to photograph and besides, they had at least 3 other photographers with massive Nikon D300’s and flashy lenses so I didn’t want to compete with my puny EOS 400D. I still had fun though.

There was also this amazing chocolate cake. It was covered in light marzipan but the inside was this amazing, melt-in-your-mouth sponge cake with a light chocolate filling. I want this for my birthday. Or everyday for that matter. I have to call Kaye and get the bakeshop’s number.

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