Knitting in the park

I gave you a sneak peek of this swatch the other day. Pretty Woobu isn’t it? I was actually disappointed with the colourway (Rook-y) at first because I was expecting something darker. I thought since it is a Raven colourway, it would be darker. But the bamboo (or bambu as Blue Moon calls it!) I suppose makes it shine.

I brought all these in the park with me with the intention of re-skeining this huge cake of naked sock weight yarn, recently acquired from Gritty Knits. It says it’s 840 yards but when I put it on the niddy noddy I only got about 756 yards. I was careful not to stretch the yarn when skeining so maybe it was too loose? I’m not worried though since split into 2 skeins I still have enough yardage for a standard skein of sock yarn.

One other gigantic cake of yarn I brought along was one of the 4 skeins of Woobu I recently acquired. Next to the naked yarn, they look like cousins.

The Woobu is soft and smooth, a bit pilly I think but still awesome. It shimmers and it has a nice sproing to it which makes me even more convinced that I can knit my Moonstruck with two strands of this yarn held together and end up with a cushy jacket.

Speaking of knitting in the park, I got my sister to try on her cardigan. It fits! It fits! She loves the colour but was a bit bleh about the length, since she did say she wanted it mid-bum. I have since knitted both sleeves of this cardigan and unraveled the bottom bind off to add another repeat of the edge. This time I also bound off with a 5mm so that it is not tight. I have also now picked up stitches all along the front edge and neck trim. I picked up every stitch and then did a *k3, k2tog* increase. By some fluke, I ended up with just the right multiple of 4 stitches so that I can do the stitch pattern correctly.

I will be knitting the neck trim for the next few days and then I hope to finish this and have it washed, blocked, dried and gift-wrapped for my sister. Oh, and I must get the buttons from Melissa! That is one other thing I need to do, figure out how to do the buttonholes within the stitch pattern. It might have to be a two-stitch, one-row buttonhole. I hope it works. Otherwise I will be using black hook-and-eyes!

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