Kids at the park

I debated whether to spam my weekend post with all the photos taken at the park. But decided that it’s unfair so I’m serving it up in manageable chunks instead.

The kids had great fun at the park. They got up to so mischief I’m sure but I didn’t notice because I didn’t go to the playground area this time. When they got tired of the spiderweb, the swings and playing in the sandpit, they cleaned up and posed for photos. Patrick jumped!

The littlest kid we had with us on Friday was Yohann, Myrene’s beautiful boy. He was minding his own business, singing to himself when he wanted to and just running around. We got him to jump a few times too but all I managed to get were pink blobs.

Isabelle, despite running a high fever a couple of nights before, was in good spirits that day. I think the fresh air helped. She was on in a mood for photos that day and this was the best I could do.

Joseph had better luck and got her in a nice pose. My sister said she was playing up to the camera in this photo.

Joseph is developing a knack for the camera so I’m thinking about doing gradual basic photography lessons with him, esp with winter break coming soon. I have to get the photo that Arryl took, would be great to put them side by side.

I didn’t think Ronan would let me take this photo, but he did and I like it. I can’t remember if I had any of the 2 dozen donuts my sister brought along.

I hope to have more photos of the kids soon as we frequent the outdoors again. We might be camping up in the mountains or beaches this coming Eid holiday so I better clear up some CF card space.

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