Girls at the park

My girls were also at the park with us last Friday. They came late, but they still came. Myrene came for the pork! It is rare that we have a photograph together. My husband was around so it was his turn to take photos.

Remember the jumping? Juvy started it! She wanted the four of us to jump but I had a serious pain in my heels and my feet were killing me so no photos of me jumping. That would seriously kill my kids dead from laughing so hard.

Myrene looked lovely as ever. This mother and son duo would do very well at a photo shoot. I want to set something up with them, maybe a full day shoot at the beach or the park.

Jezzel and Franco almost didn’t have this photo taken. Franco was hesitant, and being a fellow photography enthusiast I can understand why.

Oh dear, a photograph of me. Thanks to my husband who had been taking stolen shots all afternoon.

If we weren’t in a public place, I’d make Juvy strip so that you can see the new tattoo she has on her body. It’s elaborate and it’s gorgeous. She can’t wait for another photo shoot to show it off! If we do it, it has to be by the pool, or at the beach so she can flaunt the tat.

One more group photo. Sorry about the depth of field, not sure why Bernie couldn’t get it just right though. Anyway, I’m positively gigantic next to these girls. Next time, I’ll be behind the camera where I feel more at home.

One thought on “Girls at the park

  1. You’re a bunch of great looking’ gals!!!! Fun times:)

    P.S: Juvy’s dress…love, love, love. It’s mid november and she’s got no sleeves on – gotta love Dubai’s weather for that!


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