Together again

Two posts ago, I hinted at something brilliant that happened at the park. Well actually it started before then and I posted about it my Facebook account. It had something to do with me and the lady in the green shirt in this photograph.

You see, that lady in green and I were friends and classmates for all of six years in grade school. The last time we met was in 1988 at another classmate’s 18th birthday. But somehow we didn’t bump into each other at that time, I still find that strange. Anyway, we both went on to live out lives, in different cities and not heard from each other in a very long time. Then a week or so ago I found one of our old classmates on Facebook and, as you do, you poke around their profiles and info pages and see if you know any of their friends. And one thing led to another and I found her page. I sent a request for her to add me as a friend and while I was waiting for confirmation I looked into her photo albums.

I saw an album which had photos taken in Dubai! Dubai!!! At first I thought maybe her husband works here and she and the kids were here on holiday. I poked some more and in an album about her children’s Recognition Day in school, I nearly fell off my son’s acid green IKEA chair when I saw that her kids are attending the same school as my kids! Holy guacamole! I called out for Eibee, all excited, and asked her if she knew such and such kids in school. And she said my friend’s boy is in the same year as she is! Eeeek! I immediately sent my friend a message on FB telling her this and that we now definitely have to catch up!

Phone numbers were exchanged, excited frantic calls happened the day after and plans were set to meet up at the barbecue we were planning. And then we met. Our kids knew each other in school, but had no idea about how far their mothers go back.

Nilda and I met in first grade. We were not super close but since we moved on, year after year, in the same class, we were bound to have a bond. Whatever social circle we had in grade school moved around pretty much the same area, not too close but not too far either. I have to dig up old photos!

I also want to tell my mother about this. She has a long memory and I am sure she will remember Nilda. Nilda, who caught me up on so much news about our former teachers, classmates and friends. She is still in touch with most of them and, through her, I managed to get back in touch with most of them as well. If this keeps up, we will finally have a class reunion. It’s been 27 years since graduation. Okay, you, stop doing the math! We met Nilda’s family, her husband and two kids who fit right in as if we had known each other for years.

Nilda and her husband Michael, such a sweet couple. Mike had been here since 2000 and the family followed in 2007. How funny is that, huh? We were probably bumping into each other at the school and not realizing it.

No doubt there will be more outings for us in the future. Nilda and I still need to catch up with so much more so I guess a girly day out is in the offing. Soon.

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