WIP-tastic Monday

This is not quite a WIP yet. I just swatched. Don’t laugh.

This is for a proper jacket so the least I could do to this soon-to-be-cast-on project is to swatch properly. This is 2 strands of BMFA Woobu held together, in an attempt to try and not buy Peru or stash-dive for a suitable alternative, so that I can knit Moonstruck.

I did this while were at the park last Friday. I washed and dried it under a tree, and guess what, I got gauge! Yay! I PM’d the designer, A. Karen Alfke about using 2 strands of Woobu instead of one Woobu, one Peru and she said it might be too thick but swatch anyway. So I did and I got gauge. Yay!

But I didn’t just want to talk about my gauge-achieving swatch, I also wanted to show you progress on my sister’s cardigan.

I did the 7 repeats of the bottom edge pattern and now picked up the right sleeves. I picked up an extra 5 stitches at the underarm, decreased two stitches on the first round, knitted a plain round then decreased one more to get 60 sts. I mis-read the instruction and used stitch pattern 2 for the sleeve edge but had done 3 repeats already when I realised what I did and couldn’t be fagged to rip now.

I posted this in my Facebook album and my sister’s comment was how pretty the colour was. At least she appreciates that. And the fact that the cardigan fits! Yay!. My friend Melissa bought the buttons for this cardigan as a present for me. Thanks, Mel. She still has it so I will take photos maybe after they’re sewn on.

I am so pleased with this project. Hopefully it will be finished this week so I can block and dry.

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