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You know the weather in Dubai is getting better, i.e. not as hot as hell anymore, when expats break out the grills, tongs and buy meat by the bucketloads to head on out to the park for a barbecue. This is specially true of Filipinos. We love food, we love the outdoors and we love being with family and friends.

Yesterday was a day in the park for us. And this glorious fairly humid-free park was our venue.

My MIL took charge of the BBQ as usual assisted by her sons. I marinated the pork the night before so it was well soaked and tender. We bought fresh fish at Shindaga where we almost got a parking ticket from an overzealous parking attendant. I really wish I was able to get back at him for his arrogance, that was the only crinkle in my day.

Thank goodness for Franco, who is a fellow Canon-lover, for taking some of the photos with my camera. I hardly ever have photos of myself so when there is someone else who know their way with a camera, I take every chance I get for photos. My family thanks you, Franco.

This is the last of the family here in the UAE. One son returned to the Philippines to start a business and be with his family while the youngest of 5 brothers is in New Zealand, with a beautiful young bride. Soon, their matriarch, my MIL will be returning to the Philippines too to enjoy a well-earned retirement.  Oh and that dressing over Bernie’s eye?  He had an accident playing basketball the other day; he was jumping up for the ball and his eye met someone’s elbow.  Ouchie!  It’s all good, I hoped he would get it stitched but you know men and hospitals.  Well, my husband anyway and hospitals don’t go well together.

Food is always a part of our get-togethers. My sister brought 2 dozen Dunkin Donuts for the kids and look who ended up eating them. And they took the eclair and pink frosted ones too!

While some enjoyed the food, conversations and the outdoors, there were some who had to hit the books and study for an upcoming major exam. Don’t worry, we fed her and gave her drink. She survived.

We had some cute company too, little Yohann and his parents joined us later in the day. He was a bundle of energy, shy but engaging.

And there was an impromptu concert at the park too! The kids just started singing tunes and Isabelle, despite running a temperature and being on a nebulizer the day before, managed to keep us entertained. What a trooper!

Something brilliant also happened yesterday, I’ll tell you about it in another post but here’s a teaser. Focus your attention on the lady in green. I’ll tell you a story about her and me next.

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  1. Which park is this? Zabeel?? Outdoor picnics like this are fantastic fun and it looks like that was exactly what you lot had!! Hope Bernie’s eye heals quickly.


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