Eye-candy Friday

Primo: [pree-moh], plural -mos, -mi
* primo (the best of its kind)

Yeah, that sounds about right. Especially when it is about this yarn base from The Plucky Knitter. It’s a fingering weight base, dyed in the rich colours only Sarah could create, 75% Merino/20% Cashmere/5% Nylon with a tight twist. Primo=Yummy.

The next hurdle with every skein of yarn as pretty as this is finding the perfect pattern. I’m drawn to this garter stitch shawl from Gudrun Johnston. Or this pretty scarf from Asami Kawa.   Or maybe an Ishbel, which I haven’t yet knitted.  Whatever it is I want it around my neck, as close to my skin as possible.

The colours are just amazingly rich. I just know this will look great in whatever I decide to knit with it. Thanks to Becky for the destash.

One thought on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. My first thought was she should knit Ishbel, but so many other patterns have stemmed out of that idea – stockinette paired with lace that it’s gotten old. This yarn will shine with Gudrun’s pattern, I love the non fussiness of it!

    BTW, The Plucky Knitter stuff is something that I want to try in 2011 along with Quince & Co, Shelter, Squoosh, more Madtosh bases….. you know, the endless list which looks great in my mind but frightening to the pocketbook!! Maybe I should go on a TOTAL yarn diet, hah…like that will happen!


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