Weekend #45

Where do the days go? I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again. That can’t happen – I haven’t posted the photos from last weekend! Better get a move on then.

After the Pink Walkathon, we skidaddled off to IKEA for a spot of breakfast. The whole gang was there chomping on eggs, hash browns, sausages and baked beans. We caught up with an old acquaintance and chatted a bit while the kids got busy in the small play area. Then it was off home; we had all been up since 6am and the events of morning was beginning to catch up with us.

My sister had this photo idea before we took the elevator. I’m behind the camera and Bernie had gone off to find an ATM so we were not in the shot – but we were there.

Isabelle has learned the very fine art of posing at an early age.  When the camera is pointed at her, she strikes some kind of pose.  Sometimes demure and very child-like, other times quite daring but always, always adorable.

After we got home, Eibee and I took a much needed shower and changed right back into going-out clothes.  I had my Amiras stuff ready the night before so it was a grab-and-go operation.  Eibee had some school work to do so she brought the laptop along.  The Amiras meet-up was sponsored this time by Magrudys and Caribou Cafe.  It was nice to go back to this place but seriously there was something lacking.  Natural light being one of them and a larger data limit on the wifi.

I love taking photos of my Amiras, as if that wasn’t very obvious already.  Debbie finished off her gorgeous Honey Cowl and we took a stroll across the catwalk towards Magrudys for an impromptu photo shoot.  Their yarn display was the perfect backdrop.

This photo was all kinds of fun!  Debbie doubled the scarf around her neck and said that she should be holding a book for the shot.  So we looked for a knitting book and spotted the one she’s holding here.  As Dieuwke said, as if Debbie needed this book!

But the photo shoot didn’t stop there!  No, sir.  Debbie finished her Creature Comforts cardigan but I said the photos on her project page didn’t really show the beautiful pattern on the back.  So we wondered off to the nearest escalator and she posed away.  Isn’t it beautiful? BMFA Luscious Single Silk in the Obsidian colourway.  Just yummy.

Ruth also joined in the photo shoot with her pretty Ribbed Lace Bolero which she knitted using Rowan Pure Wool Aran and my Faith, Hope and Love held together. I like it, I like the way she put the yarns together and made this shrug her very own.

It was a very nice meet-up, met new knitters from Abu Dhabi (Marion) and caught with familiar faces (Monica), also met a new knitter (Carol) who picked up knitting again after a long time but was doing really well with her seed stitch project.  The chatter was awesome as always.  I helped Debbie frog an almost-complete Mendel which she was not really happy with.  She was using the custom-dyed FHL from me.  I also managed to sell a few skeins of hand-dyed yarn, thanks to Jackie for reminding me to bring out the stuff!  I was having so much fun catching up with everyone that I neglected to put my yarn-seller hat on.  Enjoy your purchases, ladies and I hope you love knitting with the yarns.

After a wonderful afternoon with the Amiras, the boys caught up with me and Eibee and we headed to Spurs for dinner.  Okay I admit Debbie mentioning it had something to do with my decision to try the place.  She caught up with us just before our orders arrived and she said to make sure we leave room for the waffle.  No kidding!  That waffle was to die for.  The kids had a wishbone battle too.  I had the peri-peri spatchcock and it was delicious.

My sister called up earlier to ask if we wanted to go to their place for some after dinner drinks. We said yes and despite my body screaming for at least 8 full hours of sleep, I said yes because it’s been ages since we’ve been to their place. This cat was lounging by the lobby and me and my kids can’t resist a cat.

I won’t go into details of what the after dinner drinks were but here’s one of them. Looks like window glass cleaner. That’s what I always thought of Blue Curacao. Tasted yummy though, not sure what my sister used to mix this cocktail.

And who can resist rainbow Twizzlers? It looks pretty, but tastes nice too.

This weekend we’re off to the park for the much anticipated family barbecue. Finally! So don’t you dare rain on us. Yes, I’m talking to you unpredictable Dubai weather!

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  1. What a packed but perfect way to spend a Friday! I love Debbie’s new knits, wow the lady HAS been knitting and those projects are gorgeous!!!


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