WIP-tastic Monday

I wasn’t sure if my sister was just joking when she said she wanted a cardigan too after seeing Eibee’s Oxblood cardi. That was a while ago but a couple Fridays ago I got her to choose yarn and then a pattern. I was thinking about re-knitting the Ballerina cardi for her but she said she wanted a V-neckline.

I took out the 3 lots of Sundara Worsted Merino that I have, 2 greens and 1 blue colourway. She didn’t want the Gleam in the Dark (blue) which I thought would go well with jeans or even a dressier outfit. She went for the darker Pine Forest instead. Good thing since I have 5 skeins of it!

So began the pattern hunt. Most of the cardigan pattern in my library have button bands all the way down the front. She didn’t want much frill, just plain stockinette and she wanted it buttoned from her bellybutton down. So I thought about Stefanie Japel’s Lemongrass Bolero which seemed easy enough to modify.

I didn’t swatch since the pattern calls for worsted. I used 4mm needles instead of 5mm and the fabric seems okay. It is so wonderful to work with this yarn. The darker streaks are spreading out evenly over the fabric so it’s actually alright. I brought it to the Amiras meet-up last Friday where I took this photo.

I am still on the 2nd skein and already working on the patterned edging. I think I will do more repeats of this section to achieve the length my sister wanted. For the button band, I’m thinking no pattern but just a simple 3×3 rib with one-row buttonholes. I need to look at buttons first to decide how many stitches to use for the hole.

Also the sleeves will not be bell-shaped. Just straight ones, ends right above the elbow with 3×3 rib edging as well.

And I have a deadline for this! It should be finished, blocked and dried before the 28th of this month. This is all the birthday present she is getting from me this year! My sister sews – I wonder if I can con talk her into sewing me a new top? 🙂

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