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Author’s Note: This blog post has been stewing in my draft folder since the new TV season began but I have been too lazy to finish the write-up and now most shows are well into their 7th episode! About time I publish this then.

Let’s just get right on it, shall we? Before you jump, please be aware that there will be spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the first few episodes of the shows listed in the tags, then perhaps walk away now. You’ve been warned.

Being the mild OCD case that I can be, let’s do this alphabetically.

It’s good to see the Team back together again. Although seeing their lives away from the Jeffersonian or the J. Edgar Hoover Building was very interesting. Sweets was cool as a jazz pianist; never would have pegged him for one. And the facial hair, what was he thinking?! Daisy needs to move on, she’s like a hang nail around Sweets. She’s cute but a bit too clingy. Angela’s having a baby! That was unexpected. I wonder what Wendell would think when he finds out. You gotta love Caroline in the premier, despite her icy facade – she brought the team back together. I don’t like Bones’ new hair, maybe it will grow on me but I like her longer hair better. And Booth’s new girlfriend. Hmmm, you can see she finds Bones as competition, although Hannah seems like a very strong woman. It will take some major plot twist to write her off the show. The tension between Bones and Booth is still there and I hope it stays there because it is one of the things that make this show a success.

Kate’s new hair looks good on her. The best ever. It’s funny how Ryan and Esposito look out for Kate knowing she’s hoping Castle would come back. I loved the scene in the premier with Ryan in the wheelie chair – it seems almost an improvisation, which I hope it is. So, is Castle back with his ex? I hope not. I don’t like a pouty Kate Beckett. The momentum is not quite there yet but I am sure it will come back in the next few episodes. Oh hey, where’s Demi?

I have not quite gotten back into the swing of like at the Buy More, which is now apparently a full-pledged CIA operations. Interesting twist with Mommy Bartowski being played in the story. Is she good or is she bad? And Ellie’s pregnant! Yay! Imagine all the Baby Awesomes! Cuteness overload, I’m sure. I have to catch up on this show but so far I like where it’s been going in the last season or two.

I seriously thought Ray was going to die. I’m glad he didn’t. Doc Robins need a cane buddy in the morgue! Great stories so far. I love that they can make characters argue and fight but still retain that bond between them. Nick and Sarah both have very strong personalities so when they go loggerheads at each other, it is a bit scary. Is it just me or is the affair between Catherine and Paul full of potential?

Liv is better as a blonde. Forget about stereotypes, this chic is awesome! I am loving the episode-by-episode mystery but the end game is a blur to me. I think Peter, being the smart guy that he is, will figure out that the real Liv is on the other side, and maybe he will even find a way to bring her back. How did “Walternate” manage to kidnap Peter before? Surely there are other gateways on the other side that Liv can use?

My favourite interns may be residents now but they are still as childish and as insecure as when they first stepped onto Seattle Grace, or whatever it is they call the hospital now. I don’t like the place where Cristina is right now. I wish they’d put Lexi right, she just doesn’t look good as a half-crazy resident who looks like she’s about to explode any time. And what’s up with messing with her security badge and leaving her out of the “navy scrubs day”? And zOMG! Are Callie and Arizona really leaving for Africa? I hope not. Teddy still needs to find her place in this whole synergy. She sticks out like a sore thumb, or third wheel in the Callie-Arizona affair.

I still love this show. It has its charms which will never be replicated in another show. I’m glad the entire cast renewed their contracts, or it would have been so different without them. Although I have to say the flow of the show is getting a bit old. I wish they would throw a spanner in the works just to liven things up. The cases are still exciting but it’s just the way they go about it, too robotic sometimes.

I waited a full year before finally watching this show. I peeked into the pilot after seeing the brief cross-over in NCIS Season 6 but left it at that. I wasn’t sure what to make of the show, thinking it would be a betrayal to Gibbs and Co if I jumped onboard the Callen/Hanna boat. Guess what? I love this show! It’s got more action. It’s got speed. It’s got excitement never seen in the original series. Plus the cast is growing on me. Even Hettie. The whole mystery of “G Callen” in the first season finale was just unbearable. When Amy/Hannah was starting to walk away and Callen had that look on his face, I was going “Ask her! Just ask her what your name is already!” But sadly, I guess we’ll never know. Or will we?

This is probably the one franchise I have stayed loyal with. I loved the original movie. I loved Stargate SG1, which will always be the Alpha Team to me. I loved the spin-off, Stargate Atlantis as well as the two movies based on SG1. It was inevitable that I will like SGU as well. I admit, it seemed a bit over-reaching at first. I mean, the Atlantis expedition came about because they unlocked the 8th chevron. What were the chances that there was a 9th chevron? Does it mean there are endless more galaxies based on how many further chevrons they unlock? Maybe, but let’s just stay in the unknown galaxy of Destiny and its crew for now. Robert Carlyle’s Dr. Nicholas Rush is one mad scientist. All that’s missing is the Frankenmonster. It’s a bit intense than the usual Stargate staple, kinda leaning towards Battlestar Galactica sometimes but then pulls back and slaps itself with a reality check and then all is well again. I love the show so far and I have high hopes that it will get even better as the season goes.

Awesome! Just awesome. Dean’s life as a construction worker was truly suburbian. Sam did seem quite evil-ish as he stalked Dean. I still have my doubts about Grandpa Campbell despite the fact that he showed concerned for Dean when he almost turned into a vampire. I want to see more of Castiel though because that whole storyline about the angels has not been exhausted. I’ve read some theories about what happened to Sam while he was in Hell, all seem feasible but I’m sure Sera Gamble will let us in on the secret soon enough. She’s nice like that. I hope she heals those wounds on Sam’s face courtesy of Dean’s anger and frustration flowing down his fist and onto his brother’s face. And by the way, weekend at Bobby’s was just adorable.

After 20 seasons, this show still fools so many people. Me included. I love the show for whatever guilty pleasure it brings, but I just cannot believe that people do and say such stupid things! I mean, Shannon, good guy, looked like he could go all the way to final 2, but damn opened his mouth and spews out the most moronic things. Even two-fries-short-of-a-happy-meal Fabio saw that! You gotta hand it to Daniel though. That is one lucky SOB. To last till the merge with a bad knee and not much contribution to camp is a victory on its own. And Brenda. OMG! What a bitch! I’m sure she will have her dues coming very soon. If she makes it to final 5 I will be very disappointed. How do people not see her as a threat? Now that Kelly B is gone, who has the sympathy vote? I hope Marty makes it one more round because I want him to kick Brenda’s ass good and proper for being such a backstabbing bitch.

Intriguing at first. But with all the flashbacks, I’m going dizzy and getting flashbacks of my own. Year 2006, I’m watching Jack Sheppard make his way out to the beach where parts of the airplane where has on are scattered all over this pristine beach. Oh wait, that’s Lost. This is The Event. Duh. Do Carlton Cuse or Damon Lindeloff have anything to do with this show? Why not just get on with telling the story instead of jumping back and forth in time? It worked for Lost but do you think after 6 years of watching exactly that, people would stick with this show if you keep on with the flashbacks? Just take one episode and do the entire backstory then and then go back the here and now. Geez. That is the only thing making me qince when I watch this show every week. Sometimes I leave it two weeks before I watch two episodes back to back. Just can’t bear the flashbacks and the cliffhangers.

This is a surprise winner for me. I heard about it briefly last year but didn’t bother. I’m still shaking from all the violence of True Blood. Sorry Sookie lovers, Season 1 had too much sex, nudity, blood and Gothic angst for me to handle. My daughter’s friend told her about this, and practically re-told the first 8 episodes of Season 1, who obviously told me about it and begged me to find the show. Found it, all of season 1 and we watched the whole thing over a period of 5 days. If only for Elena’s put-on bedroom voice and all that whispering, I would drop this show from my list. I mean come on woman! Speak up and don’t try to look cute, it’s making me gag. The runaway hit in this show though is Ian Somerhalder. Perfectly cast as Damon Salvatore – couldn’t have picked a better actor to play him. And now, Season 2 is building up to a great mid-season cliffhanger. It’s still a joy to watch every week, despite Elena’s attempt at a come-hither voice. Excuse me while I try not to throw up.

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