WIP-tastic Monday

Back to the usual knitting content.

I have been sidelined these past couple of days – my weekend- due to one thing or another. But it was good because I had the time to step away from the projects, take a breather and get back into it with much needed gusto. Gusto? Who says that word anymore?!

Anyway, WIPs are still around. I often wonder if there will ever be a time when I will have no WIPs to show you. And then I snap up to reality, and the 5 or so project bags lingering around taunting me with the half-done pair of socks or forgotten shawl or other. Yeah, I’m kidding myself.

But at least the Goodale is almost done! I blocked it last Thursday and it dried up over the weekend. I will have probably sewn the pockets, did the hem and put the buttons by the time this post gets published, but here she is just before all that finishing happens.

Oh and before you jump to the rest of this post, put the darkest sunglasses you have on right NOW.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.  B  R  I  G  H  T!

This is the third Sockhead Hat in my arsenal. A baby-sized version, 120 stitches, out of MADrona Rare Gems, aka Socks That Rock Lightweight. The lucky recipient, or unlucky depending on how you see it, is baby Divine. I hope the adjustments I made will be enough for the hat to fit her for a few months or even a year.

Speaking of WIPs, this can be called as such. I’m dyeing some sock yarn, but this is different. As you can see, I have three dyes and a skein tied in sections. Hmm….what could this be? The big reveal soon!

3 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. Looooooove the almost finished Goodale. Can’t wait to see the final FO!!!!!! I love that baby sockhead, that baby is going to look so snazzy!

    And can guess…self striping??????


  2. Love that hat! An example of pooling working fantastically and giving a superb finished effect!


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