Last Saturday

We usually do not go out on Saturday, but last week we had to. And it was a shock to my system because I was on house arrest all week, thanks to The Boss for letting me take the week off to relax. Thank God I didn’t light up in flames when sunlight hit me!

It wasn’t shopping day but I took these babies home. Bargain books at Borders! I have the first few books in the Anita Blake series and was so happy to find three of them for Dh10 each (that’s about US$2.75)!  The Alex Cross novel is for Dh10 and the Stitch n Bitch was Dh50 – still much cheaper than the normal price. I also picked up three cookbooks which I hope to put to good use soon.

We were late for the breakfast at IKEA so we ended up having lunch. Eibee didn’t like her vegetarian pasta with walnuts so she had to take the leg off my grilled chicken. And Joseph had his usual large serving of meatballs, rice and gravy.

Eibee sort of complained that she does not have any new photos, so I got her in front of the camera as much as I could. More photos this coming weekend, I’m sure.

And still more of Eibee. She looks good, doesn’t she?

If you don’t know already, I love taking close-up shots of eyes. This one is a bit blurry but you get the general idea.

One of her most favourite toys at the moment, her big-ass Skullcandy headphones. I hate this thing but it makes her happy. And deaf!

Yeah, he borrows the earmuffs too sometimes. You might think this is a candid shot, but actually it’s not. He just looks like it’s candid but he is totally posing. I know.

My baby. He doesn’t run away from his cylops mom anymore. So I click away every chance I get.

Yeah, it’s their father’s turn. The kids went to see The Hole in 3D and we sat around Mirdiff City Centre, having Taco Bell for snack while I knit on my Goodale. We ventured outside for a bit to see what good photo options are available. Naturally he is my crash test dummy.

I love this shot! If you can magnify to full size, you can just see me reflected in his eye. I think. Or was it in another shot?

I had the 70mm prime lens with me so I was able to play around with some macro shots. It’s been a good long while since I last propped up the tripod for some proper macro shots. Must remedy that soon.

It was windy that afternoon so I had to stick to subjects which didn’t sway so much. This poor bloom became the target of my lens. And she was a great sport!

When all traces of heat and humidity goes away, you can bet your ass I will be out and clicking away like there’s no tomorrow. Next week, we are participating in the Pink Walkathon and I will have the camera with me. Expect lots of pink after that.

2 thoughts on “Last Saturday

  1. Great pics of the family and what a steal at Borders. I’ve only managed to make it once to the $1 Ikea breakfast – yes, that’s right….just 1 buck for breakfast and coffee if you reach the till before the clock strikes 9 a.m (or is it 10!!)

    I magnified and I can’t find you….where are you????? Did you take the other shots with your nifty fifty?


  2. And……I forgot to add this……your boss told you to take the week off to relax!!!!!! He’s an amazing boss!!!!!!!! Hope things are not too stressful with your work re-entry this week xx


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