Eye-candy Friday

As the TMNT say….Cow-a-Bugga! Or something like that.

Yep, you guessed it. This edition of Eye-candy Friday is Bugga! related. Sanguine Gryphon’s creation deserves the exclamation mark, as my friend Pretty said in her latest blog post.

I do not have that much Bugga! in my stash but what I have, I love to bits. This skein was my very first; a destash from Ravelry over a year ago. I love the colour, I love the squishiness and the price is so worth it. Horned Beetle is the colourway name, and this will be next on my needles being knit up as my Koolhaas hat.

Next we have the rich, dark purple skeins of Northern Purple Gold Beetle which were traded with Jackie after she also got bitten by the Bugga! love. I am not sure what these skeins will become. If there is enough yardage then maybe a shrug for me.

This was my very first purchase direct from the SG online shop. I was always late getting in on the updates but got lucky one early morning and managed to snag this skein of Emerald Swallowtail. I have this in Skinny Bugga! as well but I destashed it to someone. I think I said I was going to knit a Traveling Woman shawl with this one.

My next purchase was a geeky one. The colourway name was derived from the Doctor Who mythology and being a fan I just have to have something that reminds me of the Doctor. This is called Sea Star, reddish orange, like the skies of Gallifrey. Maybe I will knit myself a pair of Rose’s Wristwarmers with this skein.

The last SG purchase I made was offline but one of the best by far – naked Bugga! skeins in the cone. They varied from 2.4oz to a whopping 4.2oz! Not sure what they equate to in yardage but they were plenty. The first skein I dyed was beautiful in my eyes – lovely, bright teal.

Then I went crazy and dyed 3 skeins in this mix of purples and blues. I gave one skein of this to Jackie as a thank you for being a great friend. I’m thinking about making fingerless gloves and a cowl set with the 2 skeins I have.

My recent dyeing adventure produced this nice reddish orange skein which I like to call Little Red. This is so pretty in person. I love Walton’s icing colour!  I can’t tell you what this will become as it’s sort of a surprise for someone.

The next two skeins are so pretty in my eyes, I can’t stop staring! I’m thinking about doing colourwork with these two, not sure what pattern yet but Lindsay’s Beaumont Tam inspired me. I hope I have enough yardage to do it.

And that concludes our Bugga! episode. Hope you enjoyed it and wish I could show you some more in the future. Enjoy your weekend!

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