Eye-candy Friday

There are spoilery photos of the September shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club after the jump. So here is the requisite warning photo for those who have not received their yarn yet.

Yes, my son, Patrick won Best Passer award at their summer basketball camp. He had a great time there, 9 Saturdays of ju basketball — he loved every minute of it!

Let’s talk about the sock yarn then, shall we?

Apart from January’s Happy Go Lucky, this is the only shipment which I love this year. Yarn-wise of course, because as patterns go I love Flabella and Slip Jig but the colourways have yet to really blow me away. This one however has redeeming qualities.

It’s manly, yes, but it works. I love the deep green shades of it. I’ve seen some skeins which has lighter streaks, but mine I don’t think has any, which is how I love it. These will be manly socks for sure, but not using any pattern from the shipment. Possibly something plain like Charade or patterned like Escher Socks, both of which have been in my queue forever.

Whatever pattern I choose, this will definitely end up as socks in manly feet.

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