WIP-tastic Monday

I have a new WIP.
But, at the rate this is going, I don’t think this will stay a WIP for long.

Then again, it has to since I am doing this as a mini-KAL with missdaisy over on Ravelry. We got to talking and as a result of our chats, we somehow decided to do a mini-KAL. I’ll have to re-visit the chain of PMs because I can’t remember what brought it on. LOL!

Anyway, I have queued this project for over 2 years now and have been scared shitless of the pattern ever since. I don’t know the thought of cabling without cable needles is scary, and the thought of using cable needles seems too much work. And yet there are thousands of Koolhaases completed, which are documented on Ravelry. God knows how many more are out there! I also destashed two skeins of Tosh DK from Irishgirlieknits a while ago with the sole intent of knitting a Koolhaas for my son Joseph. And now I can proudly say that I am on my way towards that goal.

Brenda and I plan to knit one repeat per day, so I am on track. Today as Day 3 for me, since we cast on on Friday, and I am on my 3rd repeat of the lattice pattern. My son looks like he’s concentrating really hard on getting the stitches right, but it’s all an act. I just needed someone to pose with the WIP.

I also improvised my own cabling-without-a-cable-needle method. This could be the right way to do it but I’m not sure. For the LCP, I transfer the next two stitches to the right needle then with the left needle, pick up the knit stitch (which is the second stitch on the right needle) at the same time drop the purl stitch but quickly pick it back up and put in on the left needle. Then I purl and ktbl as per the pattern.

Now for the RCP, which I love doing more than that LCP, I put the next two stitches from left to right needle, pick up the purl st from right to left needle while dropping the knit stitch. When I pick up the knit stitch it lays down correctly so that I can ktbl. It’s one fluid motion. I love it!

The cable stitches are actually very intuitive so that even if you lose your place, you know just by looking at your stitches if it’s an LCP or an RCP you need to do next. The key to remember is that the knit stitch is always in front and all the purl stitches are worked behind. Hence the lattice is prominent on the overall design.

The rest of the family have already put in a request for their own Koolhaas so looks like there will be more. See above where I got Patrick to try it on for me. I want to make one for me too but in Bugga! I think that would be the most luxurious hat ever.

4 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. I have had my eyes on that pattern for a long time as well! I just didn’t bother to buy it before I really wanted to start it, and with the rate of free patterns jumping right in my queue it’s gonna take some time, I think.. Your fab photos have got me going again, though!


  2. I’ve had the Koolhas pattern all printed out and ready for ahem….a year now!!!! Your cabling instructions make this seem less daunting! I have some leftover Tosh DK which would make a lovely Koolhas methinks!!


  3. Bwahahaha love the pics!!! I’m a little blind right now (can’t find my glasses and the pics are the only thing I can see) hee hee.

    I’ll read the instructions when I find them again hehe.


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