Pink Belliebutton

Little girls love pink. But I don’t remember ever being in a pink phase when I was a young girl. Even when my mom used to dress me and my sister alike, I would never go for the pink. My sister loved yellow and I had to go with the other colour, whatever it was.

But never pink.

Which was not the case with my niece. I guess she inherited that girliness from her mother. Which is a good thing because Isabelle is very girly, just like all little girls should be.

I finally have a photo of her and the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan I made for her. They came by the house last week and her mommy said she wore the summer dress especially so she could wear the cardigan. Buttons still missing but I got them from Jackie so tomorrow I will see which one fits best.

Isn’t she pretty? It makes knitting all the so stockinette worth it.

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