Weekend fun

My daughter Eibee and her friend Chelsea have known each other since they were both in the womb. Of their respective mothers of course! There was a picture of me and Chelsea’s mom, Babes, heavily pregnant, I’ll dig it out one day and show you.

These two swear they’re long lost twin sisters. The following photographs are photographic evidence of this claim.

Alright, could be true, esp when you look at how much teeth they both have!

Chelsea and Eibee had a weekend sleepover at our place so at the Friday Amiras meet-up, we brought Chelsea along. And look, she even tried to knit! Not sure how she liked it but Eibee said her hands were shaking all over the place.

Melissa also finished my wrap. Well, she finished knitting the body and I attempted to bind off/drop stitches no less than 3 times! Only because I was distracted by all the chat going on around me and I couldn’t count to save my life. It’s done but needs blocking and I can’t bear to do that just yet because this thing is long! I’ll need at least 2 king sized beds end-to-end to block this.

My daughter, wearing the 100% superwash merino cardigan I made for her. In summer. Well we were inside the mall but it was still warm for sure.

After the Amiras meeting, we strolled around the mall and had dinner at Outback. We are hell bent on using up all of our Entertainer vouchers before they expire. Eibee had lobster tails.

She likes making funny faces and then hates me for posting them here or in Facebook. I think she looks cute.

Yes, there was endless texting with their friends that entire weekend.

And one more for the road. Thanks, Chelsea for spending the weekend with us!

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