My next (super)model

The search is over. No, not talking about that obscure 80’s song by Survivor. Although if you do know that song and can sing it from start to finish, fist bump!

I am talking about my search for my next model. You know Myrene by now, right? She’s in heaps of photos here in my blog and in my Facebook account. I’ve never really looked at her in this light, but now that I have I am convinced that I found my next model.

She has awesome cheekbones, which we rag her about every chance we get. Her hair is awesome and she is a very classy dresser. She needs very little fuss but always turns out great in photos.

Myrene needs less light too – she insists on having a thin layer of sheen on her face. She says she likes it like that. Don’t ask. I’m always tempted to reach for the Kleenex and wipe her T-zone down!

Love you, bakla!

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