Fish-tastic Monday

Sorry, no WIP-tastic post today since what I showed you last week are pretty much still WIPs. I did finish a project so quickly that it didn’t even live to see Monday!

These guys however are here to entertain you. When I showed the photo to Patrick he asked if I went on a field trip! Yes, baby, Mama went to a field trip and saw fishes…in the office lobby! These are from our aquarium in the office.

We have 3 sucker fish in the tank, different sizes but this one is the biggest. He’s a mean bully too! He never lets either of the other two sucker fish anywhere near his side of the tank. If they do, he would unstick his suckers off the glass and chase them away.

This tiny sucker fish was too quick though and managed to polish off some of the algae from the small stones before Big Meany got to him. Go, baby sucker fish! Erm, yeah, clearly we lack any kind of proper entertainment in the office.

Proper WIP post next week, promise. Be good.