My children

I love my family. I love taking pictures of them. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. But when they do, it’s all kinds of fun for everyone.

This is the very latest photograph I took of them. Taken just before we went up to Myrene’s apartment to celebrate her birthday. Joseph was wearing the 3D glasses from the cinema. Patrick was wearing a hooded jacket in the car because the AC was too cold. Eibee and Bernie were just looking at the two silly boys. Don’t let the cool looks fool you – it was hot out that day!

This is Eibee’s favourite shirt at the moment. It’s flannel I think, and Patrick always call this kind of stuff a “Superman” shirt because Tom Wellington wears a lot of flannel shirts in the Superman tv series.

And this is her most favourite toy at the moment, her Skull Candy headphones. Not the trendiest one, apparently since the earphones do not rotate. But it has great noise reduction features. A little too clunky for my liking though.

I can’t believe that this was taken 4 years ago. She seemed so small back then.

Joseph I think has shown the most change. The hair notwithstanding, of course! His voice is deeper and he is much taller.

He does ’emo’ very well. But he’s not being emo here, he just didn’t want to look directly at the camera as usual. At least he actually lets me take his photo now. He used to actually hide from me before!

This was obviously before that time. POTC3 had just come out then and the whole kid-with-fork-and-knife scene was too fresh in their minds. See, he knows how to play in front of the camera!

Patrick loves the camera. He actually posed for this one and said yes, this will be for his Facebook profile.

I think he enjoys being in front of the camera, although he doesn’t necessarily say it. He smiles and poses for me when I whip out the camera, which helps to make sure I don’t bug him or I will get only grumpy shots.

See, even back then he knew how to charm his way into your heart. I have so much more photographs of the kids that I want to post here but there’s not enough space. I might just finally set up that family website and upload them all there.

Next time I will post baby pictures of me and my husband! If I can find them.

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