Eye-candy Friday

I thought it would be best to keep a schedule of when I post photos of my stash, esp the newly acquired ones. Since I started WIP-tastic Monday, although faltering a bit this week, it only makes sense to do something regular for my stash.

It should also help remind me that I. HAVE. WAY. TOO. MUCH. YARN. 🙂

Here we go…

The second shipment of the MadelineTosh Yarn Club is in the Tosh Sport base. A lofty superwash merino base which is perfect for cardigans, not too thick but thick enough to give warmth.

I signed up for two different colour tones: Jewel and Naturals. However a mix up in the packaging department meant I received two shipments of the same colourway, Tweed, a very nice variegated brown shade. Just perfect for autumn, not that there is such a season here in Dubai, but you know what I mean.

April, the super-duper MadTosh Customer Service Specialist, has since sent off my Jewel Tone shipment and it should be ready for next week’s Eye-candy Friday post. For now, get a load of these beauties!

My Yarntini Knit, Drink and Be Merry Club is going strong. The inspiration for the August shipment is a photo of Rafael Nadal at a tournament wearing a bright pink shirt and I think a yellow-green sweat band on his head. The semi-solid skein turned out like this:

And the self-striping (my first one!) turned out like this:

I love the self-striping! Sadly, due to Paypal issues I got bumped off the club 😦 but I will try to sign up again when it opens up.

Thank you for visiting and taking a look at the first edition of Eye-candy Friday. Come back next week, okay?