A belated WIP-tastic Monday

I blame the long Eid weekend, the onset of cold and too much on my plate for missing my WIP-tastic Monday schedule.

Forgive me?

Cool. Thanks. Let’s talk about something that I started on Friday then.


Yes, Sockhead Hat the Second!

Or The Pringles Hat. Because once you knit it, you can’t stop. You have to have another one, and another I think and then maybe one more. I was so eager to get started on this one that I didn’t bother using my swift and winder to wind the skein into a ball. I did it the old fashioned way, skein draped over my knees and my hand substituting for the winder.

The one above is STR Lightweight so I’m using 3.25mm needles. It’s a special one since this is one of the MADrona Rare Gems and one of my most favourite of the lot.

If this is not claimed by any of my boys then I’m keeping this one. It’s still just a bit of ribbing at the moment, this cold which I suspected was handed down to me by my youngest child is wearing me down some. Plus it’s all systems go at work now that Ramadan is over and everyone’s coming back from their holiday, lucky them while we roasted in Dubai, so I’m a bit pre-occupied.

I have to play catch-up again on a couple sets of bloggable photos, but can’t see straight now thanks to Panadol and a coupel squirts of Otrivine up my nostrils. Euch! You probably didn’t need to know that. Sorry.

You may now return to your regular programme. Thank you and goodnight.