New TV Season

Anyone else excited about this year’s new TV season?

Yes, me too.

So here’s a rundown of the shows I am most excited about, in no particular order. And yes, there are spoilers where the links lead so click with caution!

  • Supernatural Season 6 – Last season’s finale was jampacked with so much goodness that I think I need to watch it again one more time just to bring me up to speed for what’s coming next. With Sera Gamble now at the helm, it’s sure to be a great season. All together now, “In Sera We Trust.”
  • Glee Season 2 – This show was a surprise winner for me. I ignored it until it was over and then watched the entire season in about 10 days. It was heady, it was exciting…it was epic. I am eager to see what happens in Season 2, not because Charice Pempengco is going to be there of course, but you just can’t help but root for these kids and Mr. Schu knowing that they have more talent in that strange group of theirs than the entire ensemble of Britain and America’s Got Talent.
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 2 – Yeah, yeah, yet another vampire movie, and a teen one too! Well at least the humans are mostly teenagers. It’s my guilty pleasure show, and last season’s finale with Katherine/Elena getting ready to confuse the heck out of everyone, including the Salvatore brothers, well, it’s anybody’s guess right? Unless of course you treat yourself to some spoilers. Which I won’t btw.
  • Bones Season 6 – Wow, this show has done to David Boreanaz what Angel could not – last him 6 full seasons! I love Angel to bits, his dark and broody good looks are always a treat but I like him better as Booth,with his Cocky belt buckle and stripey socks, and the leaner look (remember when Santa blew up and Booth had to strip so Bones could get the evidence off his clothes and hair? Yeah, that’s what I mean!). But it’s more than that, this show is good in so many ways. Anyone wants to take a peek?
  • Stargate Universe Season 2 – I am a fan of the franchise so naturally this one speaks to me as well. Season 2 trailer is here.

That’s it for now. Time to go watch Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood on DVD. Good night everyone.

3 thoughts on “New TV Season

  1. I read this post with one eye closed (mostly both) because I’m still catching up and spoiiiillleerrrs hehe.

    Have you watched Castle, Leverage and White Collar?? You MUST add these to your list Jhocy!!!!


  2. All caught up with your blog posts – it’s been a lovely afternoon of reading (I’m waiting to read what you’ve penned). Some fantastic WIPs and lovely FOs and yummy, yummy yarn!

    Yay, for the new TV season. I agree 100% with Rain about Leverage (I can’t get enough of that show!) and another one I like is Covert Affairs. I’ve watched a few eps and so far, I like. Your TV line up is exciting! I’ve only watched Bones on and off, never really followed it season by season. I think that I have to do a Bones marathon soon. That would be PLENTY of TV time (read knitting time!) because I do love the Booth-Bones chemistry.


  3. My brother just purchased a couple of seasons of Supernatural and he wasn’t sure to buy them or not… I coaxed him to buy them (especially since they were half off) so then after he is done watching them, I can watch them and knit! 😀 I think he is in season 3 thus far.


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