The Terrific Three

My camera and my office mates are BFFs.

They never go anywhere without each other.
Of course I have to be there as well – who else is going to take these photos then?

I hardly have to do or say anything to get them to pose for me. Just whip out the camera and , bam!, they’re blue-steeling away like mad.

I do love these girls. They make the black and white world of financial services look really rosy and colourful and fun! No matter where we go, even if it’s at the local supermarket waiting for our ride back to the office. They can make any props, even a plastic shopping bag, look good.

Sometimes though it’s just the Dynamic Duo. And they loooove the camera! Esp after a bit of eyebrow trimming and eye make up application has gone on.

Like this. Smoky eyes never looked so good. It suits her well, right? If only I could pull this off without ending up looking like someone punched me in the face!

You all know Juvy by now, right? She does not need any prompting whatsoever. She will pose at the sight of a camera strap I think. I love you, bakla! She’s lots of fun and together the four of us have the best time at lunch. No wonder other people want to have lunch at the same time as us.

Jezzel refuses to have her close-up taken full frontal. She prefers her right side, or left. I forget. But never straight on. She doesn’t like it she said. So when I pull out the camera she automatically tilts her head to one side, and sometimes makes a funny face.

They will kill me for posting this, but it would be worth it. I look so pale without any lipstick on.

This post was brought to you by Spinneys Salad Bar, London Dairy and the letter Y, as in “yugyugan“. 🙂