WIP-tastic Monday

This is becoming easier as the weeks go by.   I know I will never be without a project on the needles, but I hope the day will come when I will have just one WIP.  Yeah, right!

This pattern has been in my queue for a while. Jackie knitted her version in Skein Queen Kimono a while back and I have been itching to do mine. I had planned to knit this for my daughter using Sundara Aran Silky Merino, since I only have 3 skeins of two colourways.

Last Thursday, the WIP looked like this.

It was taken at Johnny Carino’s at Festival City where we enjoyed an Iftar meal. Nearly killed me. I was so full, I couldn’t walk. Not going there again.

Much of the knitting was done last Friday though at Ruth’s.  It was so quiet and peaceful that I hardly had to force my mind to concentrate on the pattern.  I just knitted and knitted and joined the second skein and knitted some more.

This yarn is such a delight to work with.  The colours are rich and the feel is so soft and smooth. I wish I have more, but alas, it’s quite pricey.

Until last night when I bound off the project.  Okay, yes, so why is this still being featured as a WIP?   Well, it’s not blocked, which means it’s not finished.  If I cannot get the measurements right with aggressive blocking, I might have to re-do this from the sleeves up.   Hopefully not because I have no friggin’ clue how to do that!

I used a smidgen less than 2 skeins of this which means I can use the third skein to either re-size the cardigan or knit a shawl, or maybe a cowl.

It looks tiny, almost child-size, but when my daughter tried it on, it did go through her arms so we’re probably on the right track here.  Just need to see if I can stretch it all out to open up the lace and make the final measurement fit her 36-inches!

Oh and I need to find a button too!

Okay, just to make this a proper WIP post, here’s something I cast on last night just as soon as the above cardigan was off the needles. My daughter wanted a proper cardigan and has had her eye on Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan. Oof! Try saying that three times fast! Anyway, she selected the yarn from my Ravelry stash – the evil child settled on my Tosh Vintage Oxblood. Curses! On second thought, it’s okay since I have a sweater quantity of Tosh Vintage coming with the Sweater Club.

I told her I would knit the cardigan for her if she wound all 4 skeins of the yarn. I tell you I have never seen her obey an order from me so quickly! I regretted putting the 5mm needles and cable away because that’s what I need for this new project. Anyway, needles were reclaimed and markers picked out, pattern read and hands ready, I cast on 105 stitches and before bedtime, we have the beginnings of raglan increases!

Awesome shell stitch markers from Blue Ridge Notions on Etsy.

Happy Monday everyone!

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      1. yeah they still look hot as WIPs ..like the photos a lot, especially the burgundy knit offset with the parrot green and the greenish-gold hue of the markers. WOW!


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